I haven’t had much time to write but I just wanted to drop in and write a quick update and share a link to another blog.

First my update.  I just wanted to share something with you moms who feel like you’re going to be taking care of these Aspie or Autistic kids of yours for the rest of their lives.  Well, you are because they’re your kids and that’s what we do, right?  But what I mean is that you will eventually be able to turn your back, let them go and they’ll be ok.  I’m talking to those of you who’s kids are more high functioning of course.  The reason I say this is because my 14 year old just spent 4 weeks away from me in (gasp!) another country, and he returned in one piece.  And he went with his father’s (remember I’m not a fan of dad) parents.  I’m not the closest to them so it’s not like he was going with my own parents.  So it was tough for me.  But I trust my son and felt that he could take good enough care of himself to handle it.  And he did.  He broke his Kindle, but at least HE came back in one piece.

So one day, you WILL be able to let go.  Even if just a little.  I’m not saying it’ll be easy.  I missed him like crazy and drove myself a little nuts, but it was a great experience for him.  And he needs to know that I trust him and needs to feel like he has some independence from mom.

Now for the link.  This is from John Elder Robison’s blog.  He’s an adult with Asperger’s, an accomplished author and he serves on review boards for the National Institutes of Mental Health and Autism Speaks.  He’s also a photographer which, of course, I think is tre’ cool.

I stumbled on his book, Look Me In The Eye by accident.  I was a HUGE fan of his brother, Augusten Burroughs’ books and he had mentioned in several of them that he had a brother with Asperger’s.  Then one day while look for a book about diets for autistic children I saw a book that said :  Look Me In The Eye:  My Life With Asperger’s by brother of Augusten Burroughs.  I HAD to read it!!!  He had a very interesting life.  You should pick it and read it.  It will enlighten you as to what an Aspie is capable of even with NO support.

So he writes this great blog and just had a great post about research they are doing.  Here’s the link.  I think it’s pretty interesting.

As my kiddies all head back to school…all full time for the first time in eight years…HALLELUJAH…I will try to be more consistent on keeping up this blog.  I have so much more to write.  There is SOOO much to this story.  Any my husband suggested I stop calling him Moose because my son REALLY hates it.  His name is Anthony.


3 thoughts on “Quick Update and Interesting Link

  1. Good Morning My name is Loretta I just read your little note about letting go. It made me feel good. It was funny though that my son is also 14 and named Anthony I had to wirte. I was wondering is he also going in to 8th grade. My son loves to cook and knows most name of chefs. What does your son like or enjoy??

    Loretta Naud
    Ballwin, Misouri

    1. Hi Loretta. Thanks for writing. How did you find my blog? My son is about to enter high school. ACK!! He loves nothing more than books. Total book junkie. He prefers science fiction and anything that comes in a series. He’s very into Bionicles (by Lego). He likes to read the stories and build the lego characters which can be very complex, not to mention expensive. And he loves the internet. But I notice he spends most of his time on the internet reading or finding out when the next book in a series is coming out. I do think he would enjoy cooking. We took a cooking class together once and he really liked it. I keep telling him that we’re going to start cooking together one day per week trying a new recipe each time. We just haven’t found the time to do it. I have to make that a priority this fall. But he’s well aware that it’s my attempt to get him to try new foods. It’s the first thing he asked me when I brought up the idea. Lol. I’d love to hear more about your son and compare notes. Feel free to email me. jmorse28@gmail.com

  2. OMgoodness, I just stumbled accross this “Look Me In The Eye” author, text, and audio book this eve. I then found your blog and here you are writing about it! (6degrees of seperation so they say).
    I wanted to compliment you on your strength and faith regarding letting your son go for 2 weeks without you. I can barely even invision a weekend. He has done overnights with my parents and his sisters, but wow. Yeah, my little guy is just 8. Oh, btw, he used to love to wear his Robin costume 24/7 when he was little so your blog made me smile.

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