I’m so very sorry that so much time has passed and that I have not kept up at all with this blog.  But life is just so unbelievably busy, that it’s difficult to keep up.  This morning I saw that someone left a comment and it inspired me to start again.  I’m just not not the best blogger so bare with me.

My son is now finishing up is Junior year in high school.  Just took his SAT’s and we’re looking at colleges.  We’ve come such a long way.  Next year at graduation, I will be a blubbering mess, because this was one big goal for him.  Too see him graduate high school and go on to college.

I was thinking about it this morning and I think the only way to really share our story is to share my journals.  I have kept a journal for each of my 3 boys from before they were born.  I hope sharing them will help you all see how we ended up here.  What we’ve gone through, our struggles and our successes.  I say WE because as parents we through it with them.  Sometimes we’re much more affected than our children.  A lot of times, actually.

So this summer, I will start sharing.  I’ll spare you the boring entries.  And I’ll also share the journal kept between myself and his teacher when he was 4 years old.  It’s daunting to read it now.  It just doesn’t even seem like the same kid.

They say these kids can’t show emotion very well.  Well, for a quick example…just the other day he was frustrated because he broke our push mower and had to use the ride on mower.  He hates it.  Doesn’t like to drive AT ALL.  So, because he looks so annoyed…and I’m that kind of mom…I went to take a photo of him and he flipped me off.  I almost pee’d myself.  Looks to me like he’s expressing himself pretty damned clearly.  And it made for a great Instagram pic.

Talk soon…Janice


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